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NC House Votes to Waive DMV Fees & Extend Deadlines for Deployed Troops

Raleigh, NC On Thursday, House Legislators voted unanimously to approve House Bill 297 – DMV Deployed Armed Forces Exemptions. The bill waives DMV penalties and fees of servicemembers if their registration expires while on deployment. Additionally, the bill would give servicemembers up to 30 days upon return from deployment to renew an expired license without penalty.

“When a DMV registration expires, it starts accruing fees until the time it is renewed. For deployed military, those penalties and fees can become very costly if they are gone for an extended length of time,” said Winslow. “This bill will eliminate that problem and will be just another reason why North Carolina is one of the most military friendly states in the nation.”

Rep. Dudley Greene (R-McDowell) worked with Rep. Winslow to amend House Bill 297 to give deployed military the ability to convert their provisional license to a full license online.

“I had already filed legislation to allow deployed servicemembers to convert a provisional driver’s license to a full license online,” explained Greene. “House Bill 297 addressed similar concerns and Rep. Winslow was willing to work with me to amend the bill to include my language. This bill is a small way we can honor those who are deployed. Our brave servicemembers shouldn’t be penalized by the DMV because they are actively serving our country.”

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