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NC House Republicans 2021 Legislative Accomplishments

Updated: Jan 10

This legislative session, North Carolina House Republicans secured key wins for hardworking citizens and families across the state. From supporting military families and improving education to reducing taxes and expanding health care access, it has been another successful year under Republican leadership.

Military and Veterans


  • Eliminate state income tax on military pensions (Budget)

  • $1 million to support and maintain military presence across the state (Budget)

  • $2 million to increase scholarships for children of disabled veterans (Budget)

  • $2 million for No Veteran Left Behind project to help veterans with mental health support (Budget)

  • Expand veteran employment preference for state jobs to include National Guardsmen (Budget)

  • $400K for suicide prevention services to veterans and active-duty military (Budget)

  • Funds Patriot Star Family Scholarship Program for veterans and their families (Budget)


  • Improve access to public schools for military families (HB 53)

  • Designate April 24th as Wounded Heroes Day in North Carolina (HB 138)

  • Assist military families in qualifying for in-state tuition (HB 53)

  • Improve veterans’ access to in-state tuition at UNC System schools (HB 602)

  • Waive DMV fees and extend deadlines for deployed troops (HB 297)

  • Establish PTSD as a factor when sentencing a veteran (HB 584)

  • Require POW/MIA flags to be flown at state buildings and schools (HB 746)

  • Authorize No Veterans Left Behind to help veterans with mental health support (HB 370)

Election Integrity

  • Prohibit secret settlements used to undermine state election law (HB 606, SB 360)

  • Set Election Day as firm deadline to accept absentee ballots (SB 326)

  • Prohibit elections officials from accepting private donations (Zuck Bucks) (SB 725)

  • Equip voters with more information on election laws (HB 605)

  • Remove non-citizens from North Carolina’s voter rolls (HB 259)

  • Require a post-election audit and all voting equipment be made in America (HB 259)

Second Amendment

  • Repeal Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permit requirement (HB 398)

  • Protect concealed carry holders right to carry in places of worship (HB 134, SB 43)

  • Allow paramedics with SWAT teams to carry guns (HB 48)

  • Increase awareness about the need for safe storage of firearms (HB 427)

  • Allow federal prosecutors and judges to carry weapons in court (HB 194)

  • Enhance firearm property protections (HB 145)

  • Allow waiver for certain training courses (HB 49)



  • Additional $1.5 billion (10% increase) above base budget for K-12 education (Budget)

  • $800 million from lottery fund for school capital projects (Budget)

  • $200 million to the Public School Capital Fund (Budget)

  • $80 million into a newly created school repair and renovations fund (Budget)

  • Add Fayetteville State University to N.C. Promise program (Budget)

  • Expand funding and eligibility for Opportunity Scholarship Program (Budget)

  • End the requirement that teachers pay $50 for a substitute teacher to cover their classes (Budget)

  • Improve broadband access for 25 rural community colleges (Budget)

  • Provide funding for School Safety Grants (Budget)

  • Include additional funds for school internet connectivity (Budget)

  • $70 million to support funding for enrollment growth at UNC System campuses (Budget)

  • $2.2 billion for repairs, renovations and construction of UNC System school facilities (Budget)

  • $1.0 billion for UNC System capital projects and $400 million for Community Colleges (Budget)


  • Prohibit “Critical Race Theory” in schools (HB 324)

  • Help support and expand charter schools (HB 729)

  • Reopen public schools and resume in-person learning (SB 37)

  • Establish summer school option to help kids catch up from school closures (HB 82)

  • Reopen schools for in-person instruction (SB 220)

  • Enhance reading plans and literacy intervention tools (SB 387)

  • Require monthly review of school mask mandates (SB 654)

  • Allow qualified college instructors to also teach in grades K-12 (SB 582)

  • Authorize new school-funded projects at UNC System institutions (SB 367)

  • Expand school choice for low-income families (HB 32)

  • Improve school conduct policies (HB 247)

  • End the Governor’s statewide school mask mandate (SB 173)

  • Reduce over-testing in high schools (HB 486)

  • Allow school calendar flexibility (HB 376)

  • Remove barriers to expand successful charter schools (HB 616)

  • Make it easier for retired educators to return to teaching (HB 428)

  • Require schools to post instructional materials online for parents (HB 755)

  • Enhance school safety by establishing threat assessment teams (HB 657)

  • End $50 fee teachers’ pay for a substitute (HB 362)

Health Care


  • Fund a new Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University (Budget)

  • Extend postpartum Medicaid services for new mothers to a full year (Budget)

  • Allow a parent to retain Medicaid eligibility while their child is temporarily in foster care (Budget)

  • Increase Direct Support Personnel wages to $15 per hour – workers who serve elderly, most medically fragile and the intellectual and developmentally disabled (Budget)

  • $150 million for lead and asbestos remediation in schools and childcare facilities (Budget)

  • Additional Innovations Waiver slots to serve intellectually and developmentally disabled (Budget)

  • $16 million to combat the opioid crisis (Budget)

  • $5 million for rural hospitals (Budget)

  • $4 million to recruit health care providers to rural areas (Budget)


  • Protect religious rights of hospital patients during pandemic (HB 447)

  • Make organ donor status “evergreen” on a driver’s license (SB 135)

  • Ease “certificate of need” laws to expand access to healthcare (SB 462)

  • Increase access to teledentistry (SB 146)

  • Ensure children are not exposed to lead in drinking water (HB 272)

  • Expand small business health insurance options (SB 228)

  • Increase transparency of medication costs (SB 257)

  • Support and encourage foster care parents (HB 769)

  • Improve care of pregnant inmates (HB 608)

  • Ensure visitation rights for nursing home residents (HB 351)

  • Remove barriers for occupational therapists (HB 224)

  • Combat waste and fraud with State Health Plan (SB 542)

  • Designate September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (HB 89)

  • Improve access to care through telehealth (HB 149)

  • Expand access to oral chemo treatment drugs (HB 524)

  • Encourage safe disposal of unused medication (HB 683)

  • Increase access to prescription drug cost information (HB 178)

  • Increase penalties for falsifying medical record (HB 195)

  • Require coverage of dental care resulting from cancer treatment (HB 646)

  • Require insurers to cover breast cancer diagnostic imaging (HB 703)

  • Increase access to professional mental health counseling services (HB 791)

  • Increase punishment for mental health facilities operating without a license (HB 734)

  • Provide timely updates to newborn screening program (HB 736)

  • Establish safe surgical technology standards (HB 468)

  • Prevent rape victims from being billed for medical exams (HB 626)

  • Provide patients with education on opioid overdose prevention (HB 93)

  • Designate August 31st as Overdose Awareness Day (HB 180)

Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders


  • Campus police officers can take unlimited university courses per semester for free (Budget)

  • $7.5 million for a new assistance program for firefighters diagnosed with cancer (Budget)


  • Increase penalties for breaking into police vehicles (HB 761)

  • Improve policing and accountability in law enforcement (HB 536, SB 300)

  • Increase punishment for firing at unoccupied emergency vehicles (HB 36)

  • Allow free classes for UNC System campus police (SB 390)

  • Expand access to mental health resources for law enforcement (HB 436)

  • Allow first responders to receive workers compensation for PTSD (HB 492)

  • Make it a crime to threaten law enforcement/correctional officer (HB 418)

  • Increase penalties for attacks on correctional officers in prisons (HB 560)

  • Ban the use of firefighting foam with potentially toxic chemicals (HB 355)

  • Allow fire trucks to use flashing blue lights when stopped (HB 448)

  • Allow certain law enforcement officers to pay for early retirement (HB 417)

  • Require the destruction of a firearm used to assault an officer (HB 234)

  • Allow retired law enforcement to return to work without retirement penalty (HB 647)

  • Protect first responder’s health care (HB 694)

  • Allow line of duty death benefits for 911 operators (HB 741)

  • Allow emergency aid to injured police K-9s (HB 648)

Government Overreach and Pro-Life Protections


  • Limit governor’s emergency powers by requiring approval from the Council of State (Budget)

  • Prohibit collusive settlements by the Attorney General (Budget)


  • Rein in Governor’s unilateral emergency authority (HB 264)

  • Protect donor privacy of charitable nonprofits (SB 636)

  • Prevent abortion based on race, gender and Down syndrome (HB 453)

  • Establish term limits for members of Congress (HJR 172)

  • Protect private property rights from eminent domain abuse (HB 271)

  • Oppose federal overreach over state election laws (HJR 330)

  • Urge Congress to maintain nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices (HJR 286)

  • Prevent Governor from mandating COVID-19 vaccine (HB 572)

  • Urge evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies (HR 973)

Public Safety


  • Increase penalties for looting and rioting (HB 805)

  • Ensure hotels could remove short-term residents for misconduct (HB 352)

  • Crack down on catalytic converter thefts (SB 99)

  • Restrict dangerous vehicle modifications (HB 692)

  • Crack down on credit card skimming devices (HB 238)

  • Increase punishment for destroying personal property (HB 743)

  • Increase penalties from misdemeanor to felony for fentanyl possession (SB 321)

  • Enhance punishments for elected officials who use position for financial gain (SB 473)

  • Increase restrictions for sex offenders (HB 84)

  • Expand expunction eligibility (SB 301)

  • Require sheriff candidates to disclose past felony convictions (HB 312)

  • Strengthen animal fighting laws (HB 544)


  • $10 million for testing sexual assault evidence kits and eliminating rape kit backlog (Budget)

  • $25 million toward sexual assault services (Budget)

  • $30 million to combat human trafficking and provide support services for victims (Budget)

  • Authorizes additional assistant district attorneys, clerks, magistrates, and judges (Budget)

  • $140 million for local courthouse construction, renovations, and repairs (Budget)

  • $5.6 million to improve safety at prisons over the next two years (Budget)

  • $4 million to support state search and rescue programs over the next two years (Budget)

Savings and Taxes

  • Increase zero-tax bracket to $25,500 (Budget)

  • Bring “Rainy Day” savings fund to $4.25 billion – the largest in state history (Budget)

  • Cut the personal income tax rate from 5.25% to 3.99% (Budget)

  • Increase child tax deduction by $500 per child (Budget)

  • Allow businesses to deduct expenses paid by Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans (Budget)

  • Eliminate state income tax on military pensions (Budget)

  • Reduce and simplify the franchise tax on businesses (Budget)

  • Phase out the corporate tax (Budget)

  • Expand and extend Historic Preservation Tax Credit (Budget)

  • Extend Mill Rehabilitation Tax Credit (Budget)

Pay Raises and Salaries

  • 5% pay raise for state employees and teachers (Budget)

  • $15 minimum wage for non-certified public-school personnel and community college staff (Budget)

  • Provide $2,800 bonuses to most teachers using federal funds (Budget)

  • Provide bonuses for all state employees using federal funds (Budget)

  • $1,500 bonuses for law enforcement, correctional officers and staff (Budget)

  • $100 million teacher salary supplement fund (1.7% increase) for on low-wealth counties (Budget)

  • 5% state and teacher retiree cost-of-living adjustment bonus (Budget)

  • New salary-based schedule for corrections, probation, and parole officers (Budget)

Individuals with Disabilities

  • Support individuals with disabilities and Down syndrome (HB 756, 642)

  • Expand access to care for children with autism (HB 91)

  • Increase awareness for students with epilepsy (HB 222)

  • Establish an advisory council on PANS/PANDAS (HB 340)

  • Develop voluntary driver’s license designation for individuals with autism (HB 581)


  • Prevent local governments from banning natural gas (HB 220)

  • Ensure reliable and low-cost energy production in North Carolina (HB 951)

Disaster Relief and Flood Mitigation

  • $412 million for disaster recovery and flood mitigation efforts (Budget)

  • $124 million for Tropical Storm Fred relief (Budget)

  • $25 million for Golden L.E.A.F. to help local governments plan or pursue resilience projects (Budget)

  • $20 million to create a Flood Resiliency Blueprint to guide flood mitigation projects (Budget)

  • $38 million to support flood mitigation in vulnerable areas (Budget)

  • $40 million for grants to local governments for storm damage mitigation projects (Budget)


  • Reduce unnecessary regulations on the sale salvage vehicles (HB 294)

  • Streamline and update DMV services (HB 650)

  • $346 million over base budget for highway maintenance and preservation activities (Budget)

  • Fund new inmate litter crew pilot project (Budget)

  • $12 million to municipalities for construction and maintenance of roads and bridges (Budget)

  • $3 million in federal funds for extended service at DMV Driver License offices (Budget)

  • $16 million to the Global TransPark for a fuel storage facility and terminal renovations (Budget)

  • Authorize DMV to utilize online renewal for permits, licenses, and registrations (Budget)

Families, Children, and Aging

  • Increase awareness of child abuse (SB 693)

  • Increase punishment for abuse or neglect of elderly (HB 699)

  • Protect students from child abuse and neglect (HB 205)

  • Require safety call for absent children (HB 604)

  • Strengthen infant safe surrender laws (HB 473)

  • Establish uniform rate-setting process for adult day care and health services (HB 731)

Hospitality and Restaurants

  • Waive ABC permit fees for bars until they can fully reopen (HB 4, 73)

  • Allow cities and counties to create their own “social districts” (HB 890)

  • Ease regulations on restaurant and hospitality businesses (HB 890)

  • Ease outdoor dining restrictions for bars and restaurants (HB 781)

  • Allow event promoters to use vacant buildings on a trial basis (HB 477)

  • Reopen bars and restaurants (HB 211)

  • Expand allowable growler size (HB 722)

COVID-19 Relief and Response

  • Allocate $1.7 billion in federal COVID-19 relief (HB 196)

  • Distribute $6.4 billion in federal ARP COVID-19 relief funding (SB 172)

Economy and Business


  • $500 million fund to provide grants to businesses impacted by COVID-19 (Budget)

  • Expand apprenticeship opportunities in high-demand fields at small businesses (Budget)

  • $338 million for major Economic Development Projects (Budget)


  • End “extra” federal unemployment benefits and institute stricter work-search requirements (SB 116)

  • Waive interest on taxes paid after April 15 (HB 279)

  • Reduce unnecessary government regulations (HB 366)

  • Provide individual and business COVID-19 tax relief (HB 334)

  • Allow the recovery of certain electronic transaction fees (HB 685)

  • Streamline regulations to help startups and emerging technologies (HB 624)

  • Update state business laws to ensure we remain competitive with other states (SB 507)

  • Protect taxpayers from pension-spiking costs (SB 668)

  • Help small businesses apply for federal innovative and technology grants (HB 965)

  • Keep North Carolina on Daylight Saving Time year-round (HB 307)

Rural Infrastructure, Farming and Outdoors


  • Support North Carolina farmers and agriculture producers (Farm Bill) (SB 605)

  • Provide additional tools to help struggling cities and towns (SB 314)

  • Improve hunting and fishing laws and support wildlife resources (HB 181)

  • Preserve historic and abandoned school buildings (HB 70)

  • Improve water and sewer infrastructure needs (HB 806)

  • Expand rural broadband internet access (HB 947)

  • Improve sewer overflow notifications (HB 885)


  • $6 billion to fund infrastructure projects across the state (Budget)

  • $1.7 billion for water, sewer, and stormwater improvements (Budget)

  • $1 billion to expand rural broadband internet access (Budget)

  • $129 million for food banks, and meat, swine, and dairy producers (Budget)

  • Provide Forest Service with additional emergency response equipment (Budget)

  • $8 million for Farmland Preservation (Budget)

  • Fund the operating requirements for the new Steve Troxler Agricultural Sciences Center (Budget)


  • $283 million to support deepening and expanding the Wilmington Harbor (Budget)

  • Improve coastal dredging services (HB 735)

  • Resume passenger ferry service between Hatteras and Ocracoke (SB 241)

  • Remove abandoned and derelict vessels (HB 161)

Red = Vetoed by Governor

Italicized = Signed into law

Normal = Passed House

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