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N.C. House 2022 Short Session Recap

During the 2022 legislative short session, the N.C. House approved several key bills that support farmers, improve public safety, reduce unnecessary regulations, enhance education, and protect victims of rape and domestic violence. The legislature also approved a responsible budget plan that meets the state's critical needs while preparing for an uncertain economic future due to runaway federal spending and inflation. Overall, the budget included large increases for education, teacher and state employee raises, infrastructure, economic development, school safety, and water and sewer improvements.

Approve balanced budget plan with key investments and savings (HB 103) - Law

  • House Bill 103 ensures N.C. is financially prepared for an economic downturn while investing in critical needs, including school safety, pay raises, and infrastructure. Click here for details.

Support N.C. family farmers and agricultural producers (SB 762) - Law

  • The N.C. Farm Act of 2022 (Senate Bill 762) includes key reforms to simplify regulations, protect farmland and make it easier for farmers to do business in the state.

Require sheriffs to cooperate with federal immigration officials (SB 101) - Vetoed

  • Senate Bill 101 would require N.C. sheriffs to cooperate with federal immigration authorities when dealing with suspected illegal immigrants already in jail for committing a violent crime.

Increase penalties for organized retail theft and “smash-and-grab” robberies (SB 766) - Law

  • Senate Bill 766 increases the punishment for organized retail crimes and adds additional penalties for property damage and assaults committed during a theft.

Protect N.C. family farms from additional burdensome federal regulations (HR 1174) - Passed House

  • House Resolution 1174 opposes a proposed Securities and Exchange Commission rule that would require agricultural businesses to make new “climate-related disclosures” on their legal filings.

Expand education transition services for military children (HB 159) - Law

  • House Bill 159 makes various changes to education laws, including extending educational transition services for children of inactive members of the National Guard and military reserves.

Improve home elevator safety (Weston’s Law/HB 619) - Law

  • House Bill 619 – named in memory of Andrew Weston – requires short-term rental homes to install a space guard to keep children from getting trapped.

Clarify rape victims cannot be billed for exams (HB 674) - Law

  • House Bill 674 prevents sexual assault victims from being charged for forensic exams and requires those convicted of domestic violence and assault to be added to the state’s DNA database.

Increase penalties for arson and fires that injure first responders (HB 315) - Law

  • House Bill 315 increases the punishment for arson offenses, adds additional penalty for injuring a first responder, and strengthens criminal history background checks of applicants to fire departments.

Strengthen domestic violence protective orders (Jordan’s Law/HB 615) - Law

  • House Bill 615 allows judges to renew a domestic violence protective order to fill the gap in time between an order’s expiration and an upcoming court hearing.

Ensure law enforcement are not denied access to polling places (HB 807) - Passed House

  • House Bill 807 ensures that law enforcement and other uniformed officers are never again refused entry into a voting place due to their uniforms.

Reduce and streamline burdensome government regulations (HB 911) - Law

  • House Bill 911 amends various laws related to state and local government, utilities, education, occupational licenses, and other regulations, as well as make budget technical corrections.

Expand aviation sales tax exemption to attract more aerospace jobs (HB 1046) - Passed House

  • House Bill 1046 broadens the sales and use tax exemption for parts and accessories used in the repair or maintenance of aircraft.

Authorize the construction of new UNC System campus buildings (HB 1068) - Law

  • House Bill 1068 authorizes the financing and construction of listed capital improvement projects by the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina.

Improve virtual learning options for public school students (SB 671) - Law

  • Senate Bill 671, among other things, authorizes local school administrative units to establish remote academies that meet certain requirements to provide full-time virtual instruction.

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