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NC GOP to Biden: Look to our winning formula of lower taxes, less regulations & responsible spending

Raleigh, NC - Today, the President will visit Greensboro, North Carolina to try and reassure Americans that he has a plan to combat skyrocketing inflation, record high gas prices and surging national debt. Well, he’s come to the right place. The President should look no further than North Carolina’s success story under Republican leadership.

Upon learning of Biden’s visit earlier this week, House Majority Whip Jon Hardister (R-Greensboro) told the News and Record, “What the president should do is look at what we’ve done in North Carolina because it’s working. We’ve laid this groundwork now for nearly a decade. We cut taxes, reformed the tax code, reduced regulations and we’ve invested in our workforce, transportation and education. When companies look at North Carolina they know it’s a place where they can do business.”

When Republicans gained control of the state legislature in 2011, North Carolina’s economy was in bad shape due to decades of failed liberal tax-and-spend policies. The state had the third highest unemployment rate in the country, a $3 billion dollar budget deficit, record high taxes and out-of-control regulations that were killing small businesses.

That’s why the Republican-led legislature immediately went to work to get the economy working again. Republicans enacted job-creating regulatory reform, passed historic tax relief, rolled back government red tape and balanced our state budgets. These reforms led to an all-time low in unemployment, the elimination of over $5 billion in debt and deficits and the most people working in our state’s history. In fact, North Carolina has now been recognized by Forbes as the "Best State for Business" for three straight years.

While the Biden administration continues to push policies that are directly hurting Americans, in North Carolina, we are putting money back in taxpayers’ pockets through another round of tax cuts. The President needs to end these dangerous policies of overspending, higher taxes, more regulations and look to the Republican-led legislature’s winning formula that has led to unprecedented economic growth.

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