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Gov. Cooper Vetoes Bills to Impose Harsher Penalties for Rioters & Prevent Indoctrination in Schools

Raleigh, NC — Today Governor Cooper vetoed two common sense bills. House Bill 805 would have enforced harsher penalties for rioters while striking a common sense balance of cracking down on violence while preserving the first amendment rights of protestors. House Bill 324 would have protected students from discrimination in the classroom and teachers from discriminatory and radical training programs.

House Speaker Tim Moore said, "Last year, I watched rioters cause enormous damage to downtown Raleigh while the Governor did nothing. Today’s veto is another slap in the face to the small business owners and residents of cities and towns across this state that were damaged by lawless riots.”

“House Bill 805 is a common sense bill that would have protected small businesses and individuals in the event that a protest became violent and focused solely on the perpetrators of violence rather than peaceful protestors. Every suggested change to improve the bill from the other side of the aisle was incorporated. Unfortunately, for this Governor pandering to the far left is more important than the rule of law."

He continued, "The governor also vetoed House Bill 324 today, which would have ensured that students of every race would be protected from discrimination in the classroom. I am disappointed that Governor Cooper would block legislation that simply protects students or teachers from being forced to accept the false idea that one race is superior or inferior to another."

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