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Bill to Revitalize Historic School Buildings Passes NC House

Raleigh, NC - Last week, the NC House approved the Historic School Preservation Act (House Bill 70), which is sponsored by Rep. Jay Adams (R-Catawba). This bipartisan bill will help revitalize old and abandoned school buildings, which is vitally important for rural communities across the state.

"This bill builds on the success we have seen with the historic mill renovations across the state,” said Rep. Adams while presenting the bill on the House floor. “Thus, we decided to aim this at revitalizing schools and provide a bonus for schools that are designated as historic buildings. The intention of this bill is to renovate the schools for new educational purposes."

While renovations to schools and other historic properties are already eligible for tax credits, the Historic School Preservation Act would add an extra incentive to renovate them for other educational uses. Specifically, it will provide a “bonus” credit equal to 5% of the renovation expenses or up to $20 million.

"Proud to join Rep. Jay Adams as primary sponsor on this legislation that serves to incentivize the rehabilitation of historical educational buildings to continue to serve educational purposes," said Rep. Kristin Baker, MD (R-Cabarrus). "Conservation and preservation of these historic landmarks increases property values and strengthens the overall economy of the communities as well as the state."

This will help breathe life back into these historic schools and pay homage to the students, teachers and staff who previously taught and learned there. The Historic School Preservation Act, which now goes to the NC Senate, will also greatly benefit the communities, and bring renewed interest to the area.

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