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Bill to Increase Penalties for Rioting Heads to Governor

Raleigh, NC — By a vote of 63-41, the North Carolina House gave final approval to House Bill 805, "Prevent Rioting and Civil Disorder."

House Speaker Tim Moore, who is the primary sponsor of the legislation, said, "North Carolinians should never have to choose between exercising their First Amendment right to freely and peacefully demonstrate and their safety."
He continued, "This bill simply enforces harsher penalties for the perpetrators of violence and looting, while explicitly preserving every North Carolinian’s right to protest peacefully. I hope that Governor Cooper will not hesitate to sign this bill into law and better protect our law enforcement, business owners, and citizens who are exercising their right to protest peacefully."

Rep. Charlie Miller (R-Brunswick), who is also the the Chief Deputy of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, added, "Law enforcement officers believe in the first amendment right to peacefully protest. It is a highly important and protected right that every individual should have; however, the destruction and chaos is completely unwarranted. In Wilmington we protected the peaceful protestors, while picking those out of the crowds causing the destruction. This legislation is crucial in protecting civilians, businesses, and first responders."

The bill now goes to the governor's desk for his signature.

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